Favorite Sightseeing Place: Merchant Yard
Likes: Literature, travelling and walking around Moscow
I was born in Paris and grew up in a family of a Soviet diplomat. My first childhood memories are associated with the alleys in Monso Park, Santa Claus in the New Year shop-case of Samariten Department Store, sailing of toy boats in Luksemburg Garden, and of course, the Eiffel Tower. Later, we came to the Soviet Union and after finishing school, I entered Moscow State University and got a diploma in economics. I have worked as a teacher in a high school, worked as a businessman, reconstructed a church, built three houses, became a writer, and now working as a tour guide. Through all these years, my life has been in everlasting love with Moscow.


During my school days, I read a special literature and learned several facts about Moscow. As an active young boy, I used to wander around the city with my friends in order to discover the city’s most fascinating and enigmatic corners, which continued for all my life long. For the last fifteen years, I am working as a guide, and I have managed to turn my passion into a profession that has coloured my love for the city with depth and awareness.


Today, just like my youth days, I discover and explore the Moscow city together with my new friends – French speaking tourists. Together we visit theaters, parks and museums of the capital and the best award for me is when I see they are filled with admiration for my beloved city.