Favourite Sightseeing Places: Red Square and Tretyakov Gallery

Likes: Russian history and culture, collecting stamps, travelling, meeting people and socializing


I was born in Tambov – a city situated 500 km far from Moscow. However, I have spent my childhood and youth in different parts of Russia including Kazakhstan, which was previously one of the USSR Republics, and later in Siberia. That is why when my tourists ask me “where are you from?” – I proudly reply: “I am a citizen of the USSR!” – as I managed to live both on the Southern and on the Northern parts of the country. I graduated from Tambov State University where I studied at the Foreign Languages Department. After that I moved to Moscow.

Since childhood, I was fond of Russian history and culture, collected stamps and post-cards of different cities, visited museums and galleries – in short, travelled a lot! 17 years ago, I finished a Guides’ Academy by Intourist – a major travelling company – and started to work as a guide. My profession is my passion! I enjoy every moment being a guide! I love to communicate with people, show them my beloved Moscow that I count to be one of the best cities in the world. It is a privilege for me to meet people from all over the world and to know and discover more about them and their culture. Now, I have a lot of friends in different parts of the world.

My favourite sightseeing is, of course, the Red Square – as my childhood memories are tightly connected with this place. When me and my parents used to visit Moscow during my school years, we never missed to visit the Red Square. I love to tell my guests about the history of St Basil Cathedral and observe the beautiful interiors of GUM Department Store with them.

Tretyakov Gallery is my passion since my childhood. I often visited it together with my class-mates as we had to write compositions about Russian cultural life or different historical figures. That is why, today, when I take my guests to the Tretyakov Gallery, it seems like I am again re-living my past. Come and join me. I will be happy to show you my beloved city!