Favourite Sightseeing Place: All Moscow tourist attractions

Likes: German literature and philosophy, travelling and socializing


I was born and grew up in Moscow. I started to learn German language at the age of 5 years. My parents knew German very well and I used to ask them never-ending questions regarding German vocabulary. At that time I had only learned to speak out simple German words: “mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather, nursery school.” I started to learn German on a regular basis at school. It was one of my favourite subjects along with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


My serious love for German language burst into flame when I came to the University of Foreign Languages in Moscow. I adored great German philosophers, magnificent German poets and writers – and I started to read their works in original and communicate with native German speakers.


After my graduation from the University, I finished the Guides’ Courses and then started to work as a tour guide. I am happy to welcome my tourists as a guide and help them explore the beautiful Moscow city. As a guide, I am not only a competent narrator and an interesting person to talk to; but I also have qualities of an artist and a teacher who tries to spread a passion for city attractions to the tourists.


I cannot lay an emphasis to any particular Moscow sightseeing as I love to show all tourist attractions in Moscow – the Kremlin and Red Square, Vorobyovy Gory with its Observation platform and magnificent view of the city, Arbat Street and its side-lanes, Moscow museums and galleries, Moscow Subway System and every corner of this magnificent city to my guests.


There is a well-known phrase – “Paris is a Festival, a place you want to come back” – and I want my Moscow to become such city!