Favourite Sightseeing Place: all Moscow tourist attractions

Likes: Russian history, travelling, music, art and architecture


I was born and grew up in Moscow. My interest in the French Language was sparked by my grandmother, who fluently spoke French and read to me fairy-tales written by Charles Perrault. I started to learn French on a regular basis at school. I have also completed special French Language Courses during my high-school years.


I was very much fascinated by a great number of Paintings Catalogues, old-fashioned guide-books of Moscow and other Russian cities that I have acquired from my Grandmother. When I was at school, I decided to become a tour guide when I grow up. With intention to be a guide I entered Moscow University of Foreign Languages – the department of Romano-Germanic languages and then got all needed licenses by the Guides’ Courses. After completing my graduation, I started to work as a guide and have been working as your Moscow city host for more than 20 years now.


I love Moscow very much – it is My City! Here I feel myself very comfortable. In Moscow I love everything – all its beautiful historical places – the Kremlin and Red Square – the heart of the capital, amazing views of Moscow River, old central streets, all its museums and galleries – especially the Tretyakov Gallery with a collection of national art. It will be a great pleasure for me if I can share with you my love and knowledge about Moscow and all its hidden gems! Let’s discover Moscow together!