DRIVING TOUR – 5 hours

OPTIONAL TOURS: Radisson Royal Cruise / Arbat / Subway

  • Christ the Savior Cathedral (visit)
  • Novodevitchy Convent
  • Vorobyovy Gory and MGU Building
  • Victory Park (visit)
  • Ukraine Hotel and White House



Our guide and driver will pick you up from the hotel to begin the Tour. For helping you have a great travelling experience on the roads of Moscow, we will provide you a car or minivan. You just need to enjoy comfortable driving around Moscow with our friendly tour guide and licensed driver.


Begin your Moscow driving tour with this beautiful and lovely place! This pedestrian Bridge leads from Cathedral of Christ the Savior over the Moscow River to the District of Zamoskvorechye. Patriarchs’ Bridge is the perfect point to get a royal view of the Kremlin, Moscow-River, Christ the Savior Cathedral, and other remarkable attractions. Just stop, look around and take amazing pictures!


From Patriarchs’ Bridge, head to the world’s tallest Orthodox Christian church! Christ the Savior Cathedral is incredibly opulent, strikingly grandiose and truly historic. The Cathedral has been built to celebrate the victory of Russians in the 1812 War against Napoleon. It is believed that God – Christ the Savior – has helped Russia to win this War. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church leads Services during big Christian festivals at the Christ the Savior Cathedral. Find out, what did the government of the Soviet Union plan to build at this place instead of the Cathedral?


Prechistenka Street is one of the oldest streets in Moscow with beautiful palaces of the 19th century on its both sides. The street has a rich historical background and several exceptional palaces. Rich families used to hire best architects to build their houses here. Today, one of the palaces is occupied by the House of Scientists and is used for holding a variety of cultural events – concerts, literature evenings and masked balls in the style of the 19th century. Find out, why did Isadora Duncan – popular American ballet dancer of the 20th century – was living on Prechistenka Street in 1921?


New Maiden Convent is one of the oldest and most beautiful convents in Moscow. It was founded by the Great Prince Basil the III in the 16thcentury to commemorate the capture of Smolensk from Lithuania. The convent is known for its architectural harmony and the excellent views as it has been built by the turn of the Moskva River. Previously, the New Maiden Convent was a convent for ladies of noble birth. Irina Godunova – the sister of Boris Godunov and Tsarevna Sofia – the elder sister of Peter the Great used to live here at the New Maiden Convent. Find out, why the elder sister of Peter the Great – Sofia was living in the convent?


We are all to remember our past – those people whose labours and efforts helped the image of the great and powerful Russian become a reality; we have to know our history and those who created it. New Maiden Necropolisisan elitist cemetery and it is an open air museum of memorial sculpture. The cemetery maintains graves and memorial sculptures of famous Russian writers, artists, musicians and politicians – first President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltzyn, ballet dancer Galina Ulanova, wife of the first President of the USSR – RaisaGorbatchova, second Russian astronaut Titov and many other outstanding people of the country. Our guide will show you the most interesting corners of this place.


Impressive building in its Stalinist grandeur! Moscow State University is the largest and oldest university in Russia. It was founded by a Russian scientist Michael Lomonosov in 1755 and is named after him. Situated on the south –western part of the city, the University belongs to a group of seven skyscrapers designed in similar fashion and Stalin style – that’s why sometimes they are called “Seven Sisters.” The seven buildings are: Hotel Ukraina, the Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs main building, the Red Gates Administrative Building, the main building of the Moscow State University, Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Apartments and the Kudrinskaya Square Building.


Sparrow Hills is one of the highest points in Moscow. It is a hill on the right bank of the Moskva River and reaches 60–70 m above the river level. The Sparrow Hills, immortalized by many Russian writers, has been named after the village – Sparrow Hills – which existed in the middle centuries. However, nobody knows why it was called so. Previously, there was a summer palace of Ivan the Terrible situated at the Sparrow Hills, but unfortunately, you cannot see it now as it has not preserved until our time. Just stand at the observation platform of the Sparrow Hills and get the best panorama view of the city.


Opened in 1924, Mosfilm Studio is the biggest and most prolific film studio in Russia. Sometimes it is called Russian Holywood. Its output includes various acclaimed Soviet-era films, ranging from works by Sergey Bondarchuk, AndreyTarkovsky, Nikita Mikchalkov, Akira Kurosawa and many more. With our guide, explore one of the most significant film studios of all time and find out, which Soviet Film made at Mosfilm Studio was the first Soviet film awarded with Oscar?


Victory Park is a huge memorial complex devoted to the Soviet soldiers who fell during the Great Patriotic War against Hitler. The park has endless fountains and monuments including the main monument of the Park – Victory Stella which is 141.8 meters high. The height of the Monument is symbolic – it reminds us about the War duration, which lasted for 1418 days. Find out, whose statue stays on the main square of the park near the basement of the Stella and why?


Hotel Ukraina is the second tallest building of the neoclassical Stalin-era “Seven Sisters.” It stands out along the banks of the Moskva River. It was opened in 1957 under the name Ukraina. In 2007, the hotel was closed for a historical renovation, and in 2010, it was re-opened under the new name Radisson Royal. Today, it is the largest five stars hotel in Moscow with 497 rooms. Radisson Royal Hotel has a fleet of yachts, offering river cruises to tourists for a unique way to see the city’s landmarks. Find out what is the main hidden gem of the hotel?


Russian White House – officially the House of Government of the Russian Federation – stands on the shore of Moscow-river. The building has a fair share of history and great importance in the nation. The White House first served as the home of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation before its dissolution in 1993. Today, the White House serves as the headquarters of the current government headed by the Prime Minister Medvedev. This building played a key role in political events in the early 90s. Discover what happed with it during the political crisis in 1993?


At the end of the Tour, our guide and driver will bring you back to the hotel or any other place you would like to go within the central area of Moscow. If you want to take an additional tour, the driver will bring you to the starting destination of that optional tour.

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