WALKING TOUR – 4 hours

OPTIONAL TOURS: Kremlin / Armoury / Subway

  • Red Square
  • Saint Basil Cathedral (visit)
  • GUM Department Store (visit)
  • Mausoleum of Lenin (outside)
  • Lubyanka Square and former KGB Building
  • Manezhnaya Square and Alexandrovsky Garden



Our guide will pick you up from the hotel and bring to the designated starting point of the Tour. (Subway tickets are included.)


A great way to start the walking tour with the world’s greatest Theatre. Located in the middle of Moscow and is dominated gorgeous interiors and excellent acoustics – the Bolshoi Theatre is home to internationally-famed opera and ballet performances. World famous Russian ballet dancers – Galina Ulanova, Maya Plisetskaya and Rudolf Nureyev – have performed on its stage. This building was constructed in the middle of the 19th century. The façade of the Theatre is decorated by a massive eight columned portico surmounted by a pediment with a statue of Apollo on its top. Walk around and find out what kind of secret does Apollo Statue have?


Our guide will take you on a tour of Revolution Square Metro Station and you’ll discover why this subway station is recognized as the most beautiful in the world! The station was opened in 1938 and is perhaps one of the most famous Moscow subway stations. It is decorated with 76 bronze statues which depict people from the Soviet Union. Among them you can find a farmer girl, an engineer, a student, a minor, a border guard. Some of the statues depict real people. Learn peculiar stories about them from our tour guide.


Metropol is one of the oldest hotels in Moscow. With its guestroom inventory of 400 rooms, it was the largest hotel in the city when opened in 1905. Combining historical luxury with modern technological solutions, rooms of the Metropol have antiques and paintings by famous artists. Modern style and delicate mosaic panels decorating its façade illustrate the passion of the hotel’s founder – philanthropist Savva Mamontov – to modern art. Majolica panel “Princess of Dreams” on the central façade of the hotel amazes citizens and tourists with its grace. Discover who made this panel?


State Duma – is a lower Chamber of the Russian Parliament. Before the Revolution it was convened four times between 1906 and 1917. Today, the State Duma consists of 450 deputies, who are elected by the people of Russia. This building was constructed in 1935. The façade of it is decorated with the emblem of the USSR made out of stone. Do you know how does it look like?


Tverskaya Street is one of the oldest, most celebrated and beautiful streets of the city. It runs uphill from opposite the north end of Red Square to Tver and Novgorod. The Street has an eclectic mix of architecture combining medieval side streets and 21st century building projects. The appearance of the street was changed during a large-scale construction carried out by the Soviet Government in the 1930s. For that reason, some of the buildings were demolished, but others were kept unchanged and transferred to a new foundation. Discover which method was used to transfer the buildings?


Manezhnaya Square is an all-in-one travel “hub” for tourists as it lies near two sacred tourist sights – The Kremlin and The Red Square. In 1937, it was named Manezhnaya Square after the Manezh building situated nearby. Manezhnaya Square is embellished with domes, statues, bronze horses and a complex of 12 beautiful fountains – built over the former river bed of Neglinnaya River (which now streams through underground pipes) – as sculpted by famous Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli. Today, the Square has an underground Shopping Center and a beautiful square in the center with fountains constructed on the roof of the shopping mall. Learn how the square looked like in the 90s and why the government decided to reconstruct it?


Impressive, Magnificent, Majestic! Need more words to describe the Central Cupola. The centerpiece of the renovated square in the Manezhnaya Square is a three-storey underground shopping mall, capped with a rotating glass cupola. The rotating Cupola has a shape of the Northern Hemisphere of the planet. The cupola turns around and makes a full circle within 24 hours. This structure forms a world clock of the Northern Hemisphere with all major cities marked on it. Learn how to read the time in different places of the world with the use of these clocks?


A favorite strolling spot for Muscovites and tourists alike! Alexandrovsky Garden was named after the Russian Emperor Alexander I – the conqueror of Napoleon. It was one of the first public parks in Moscow. The park stretches along one of the Kremlin walls. The Garden has colorful flower beds, quirky sculptures and provides you spectacular views of the Kremlin. The left corner of the Garden has the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and a Torch for Eternal Flame, which are devoted to Soviet soldiers fallen during the Great Patriotic War against Hitler. Do you know how many people did the Soviet Union lost during the Patriotic War?


Red Square – the heart and soul of Russia. It is the main square of the Moscow city. The Red Square’s history is rich in symbols that showcase Russia’s turbulent and intriguing past. The Square was established in the 15th century and became famous in the 20th century when official military parades were demonstrated here. It has been a place for religious celebrations, festivals, concerts and public gatherings. If you visit during winter season, you can enjoy skating at the ice skating rink in the center of the Red Square! There is a beautiful story behind why the Red Square was named Red. Find out why?


The Saint Basil Cathedral – known as the icon of Russia. Built in the middle of the 16th century, today the Saint Basil Cathedral belongs to the list of UNESCO heritage. Its unique architecture has made it the ultimate symbol of Russia. The Saint Basil Cathedral consists of nine chapels built on a single foundation. The towers and domes of the Cathedral appear to be chaotic, but you can find symmetry and symbolism in its design. When you’ll look the Cathedral from the outside, you can feel that the architects of the building had wanted to embody the idea of New Jerusalem – the city on Heavens – while designing it. Enjoy walking through its galleries and watch the performance of the professional quire DOROS, who entertain visitors by singing Russian church songs. Learn why the Cathedral is known as the Saint Basil Cathedral and not by its historical name – Intersession on a Moat?


After walking for more than 1 hour, it’s time for a short break! That is why we invite you to have with us a Russian Tea break. Our forefathers knew how to warm up and lift the spirit even on a coldest winter day. During winters, we suggest visitors to drink Sbiten. It is a hot, spicy, sweet, traditional Russian drink, which is prepared without using alcohol. It is made on a base of honey and water and mixed with ginger, cinnamon and cloves. In summer, we will suggest you to try another Russian drink – Kvas – which is served cold and will fresh you up even on a hottest summer day. Kvas is made from fermented rye bread and some spices. It is also flavored with fruits and herbs. You can also taste a traditional Russian pie! By having a tea break and getting in touch with a Russian cuisine at the same time – what could be a better option than our Russian Tea Break?


Merchant Yard is one of the oldest shopping centers and architectural monuments of the capital. In the 18th century Russian merchants from regional cities came to Moscow to sell their products here. Merchant Yard has the largest business, shopping and recreation centers and houses several stores, restaurants, bars, beauty shops and more. Every year, President Putin leads a conference with Russian people at this place. Merchant Yard complex also hosts cultural events, holiday celebrations, international exhibitions, concerts, shows, and much more. Discover, what kind of Festivals are held in the Merchant Yard during the New Year?


GUM Department Store – is one of the most expensive and the most beautiful shopping centers in Moscow. It was built at the end of the 19th century in a New Russian style. It will amaze you with its gorgeous architecture and rich history. GUM was used as a department store until Joseph Stalin converted it into office space in 1928. The GUM Department Store was again reopened as a store in 1953. Today, the Shopping Center is a mixture of luxury and history. During your visit to the Store, our guide will show you some places which are tightly connected with the times of the Soviet Union. Discover, why one of the cafes in the GUM Department Store was named as “Eating House №57”?


Nikolskaya Street – is one of the central pedestrian Moscow streets, which connects Red Square and Lubyanka Square. It was named after the popular Russian Saint – Nikolay the Miracle Maker. His icon is situated on the façade of Nikolskaya tower – which you will also see on the Red Square. During your walk along the Nikolskaya Street, you will observe gorgeous structures and learn their history. Find out where is the most expensive place to go shopping in Moscow?


It’s going to be an interesting and intriguing stop for you! Nikolskaya Street will bring you to Lubyanka Square. It is dominated by a huge brown grey building where the headquarters of KGB were situated during the time of the Soviet Union. This place is connected with a tragic period in the history of our country – political repression during the era of Joseph Stalin. Tens of millions of people became victims of repression when Stalin was at power. During your walk around the KGB Headquarter, you will see a round lawn in its center. Earlier there was a monument. Now it is empty. Find out, whose monument was it and where is it now?


This Store is a unique complex for family and children’s leisure. Children’s Shopping Center is a legendary store which was constructed in 1957. It is known to be the largest shopping center for children in Europe. The atmosphere of shopping complex is always filled with joy and happiness. Special artists perform for young visitors, organize quizzes and competitions, and play games to entertain children. The complex also houses multi-screen movie theatre for kids and food court at the top level. Our guide will also take you to the roof of the Shopping Mall to visit its observation platform. Find out what structures can be seen from the roof of the building?


After a long walk it is a good idea to have rest and lunch. There are a plenty of good cafes and restaurants near the Red Square with reasonable prices. In all cafes and restaurants we are happy to suggest you, we were ourselves and chose the best for you. There you will find a variety of cousines: Russian, Italian, Asian and others. The average lunch price for one person will be from 700 to 1500 RBL . You will order dishes according the menu and pay cash at the restaurant.

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Concluding the day Tour, our guide will drop you off at your hotel or any other place in the central part of Moscow you would like to go after the Walking Tour.

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