January 2016: Americans trying to speak Russian

Moscow thrills visitors with its history, majesty and beautiful artistry. You cannot see this amazing city from a tour bus. To have an authentic experience during your visit to Moscow, you need your personal tour guide. A travel guide, who is knowledgeable, charismatic and has outstanding presentation skills, can help visitors discover the most of the Moscow city through their own eyes. Guide is responsible for teaching tourists about the culture and language of the city. In this video, you can see how Americans are trying to speak Russian words with the help of Russian natives.


At Moscow City Tour, we believe that a traveler’s first impression about Moscow is through a travel guide. It’s our responsibility to make the trip of our guests in Moscow informative as well as interesting. That’s why we provide you option to hire personal tour guide in Moscow with good knowledge of your native language. We have English-speaking tour guides for our guests coming from English-speaking countries. Come and join us! We will be happy to show our cherished city and help you learn Russian language as well!

December 2015: Hulk Actor Mark Raffalo enjoyed Moscow tour with our guide Sveta

Some people feel the inexplicable pull of attraction to Moscow because of its startling magnificence, and celebrities are no exception. This majestic city is often visited by numerous celebrities from all corners of the world. Moscow is among the most preferred destination for Western actors who are culture lovers. Recently, Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo paid a visit to Moscow for a presentation of “Avengers”.


Ruffalo was accompanied by Sveta as his personal tourist guide in Moscow, who helped him uncover the secrets of Moscow. Being a true lover of Russian culture, she loves to communicate with her guests about the history of Moscow sights and attractions. In these photos, you can see Sveta and Ruffalo strolling through the Red Square and enjoying the great views of this place. Come and explore the beauty and artistry of Moscow with our expert private guides. We love to show our guests about the uniqueness of our prized city!

December 2015: Famous Singer Aerosmith Sings with a Street Musician in Moscow

One of the world’s greatest tourist destinations to visit and the capital of Russia, the sprawling City of Moscow are not only known for its architectural wonders but also for its rich history in music and theatre. On one side, you can witness Moscow’s affluent architectural heritage, historical sights & beautiful landscapes, and on the other hand, you can engage in various cultural activities, attend concerts and get entertained by street performers during your visit to this magnificent city. Every now and then world-famous musicians and up-and-coming singers come to Moscow to perform in front of huge crowds. Last year, famous singer-songwriter Aerosmith Steven Tyler, during his visit for a free concert on Moscow City Day, surprised his fans by singing a duet with a street musician. In the video, you can watch him singing his own band’s 1998 power ballad, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” with a busker on the Arbat Street. This is what makes Moscow a preferred destination for most of the tourists. Apart from the world-famous places to visit in Moscow, you can also indulge in full range of entertaining activities throughout your vacation retreat.