A new Festival may appear this summer – the Moscow River Day

July, 2016

The main river of the city will be celebrated in July. The exact date is not chosen yet, but probably it will be the 19th of July – the day of Ivan Kupala. The Ivan Kupala day was celebrated in medieval Russia and was devoted to Summer solstice. At that day it was used to do a circle dance, make flower wreaths, sing songs and jump over bonfire.

Modern River Festival is supposed to have modern activities. Anyone willing will be able to participate in marathon or bike ride that will take place along river embankments or just enjoy the view of ship parade.

The tourism department plans to draw attention of tourists to Moscow River – a very beautiful river that flows over the city and connects a lot of important places. At this Day Muscovites and tourists will be able to take any of 20 tour boats and have a free of charge river cruise!