Memories of a tourist from America of his trip to Russia
My wife and I took a Russian river cruise, starting in St. Petersburg and ending in Moscow. We enjoyed meeting the local people and seeing how warm and friendly they are. To illustrate that I would like to tell the story we experienced ourselves during our stay in Moscow. Once we were at the Arbat Street, a leg and knee of my wife started hurting her very bad. We stopped at a shop to purchase an umbrella for her to use it as a walking stick. The girls that worked there took an interest in us and said we needed a cane. I said I did not know where to buy a cane, they said there was a pharmacy near and they would have what we needed. I asked where was the pharmacy and one of the girls said she would take me there and for my wife to stay in their shop. She walked me there and waited for me and talked to the pharmacy lady explaining what I needed. After my purchase, she walked with me back to their shop. My wife and I were very happy for their help. We ended up taking a cab back to the hotel as her leg was very bad.


But in spite of that accident, our trip to Russia was a wonderful time for us both. We loved seeing the country side and the many beautiful Churches and Cathedrals. I enjoy drawing so took many photos of these that I could draw once we are home. I started drawing a year or so before our trip to Russia. I loved the beautiful churches and cathedrals and when we arrived back home, I thought I would try to draw some of them. I wanted to try to capture the beauty with my own hand.

At the end of our cruise, we were in Moscow for four extra days. During this time, we went on the Moscow subway tour with Elena – a local guide. We really enjoyed our time with her and my wife and I have stayed in touch with her to this day.

Now looking back we remember our journey to Russia fondly and hope to come back some day.


-“Van & Liz” from United States of America