TRINITY. Revived History – is a unique music folk show that starts on the 8th of June this year and will be performed every day till 28th of August in the Hall of the Supreme Church Council situated at the very heart of Moscow – on the territory of the Christ the Savior Cathedral.

The show will unite three forms of art: music, dance and painting – this feature is reflected in the name of the show – TRINITY. Revived History – as during the show guests will witness how the pictures taken from the State Tretyakov Gallery will “revive” and get 3D measurement thank to new multi-media technologies. Besides that TRINITY – is one of the key symbols of the Christianity and the Day of the Holy Trinity – is one of the main Christian Festivals.

Best music and dance ensembles take part in the show – more than 70 artists will perform at the stage simultaneously – as you can view from the video post. The State Academic Orchestra “Russkiye Uzory”, State Ensemble of Russian Dance and Music “Sadko” and State Moscow Quire of Vadim Sudakov create at the stage a vivid performance. All artists are dressed in national Russian dresses specially suited for the show: bright sarafans, decorated scarves, Russian-style caftans and shirts. During the Show guests will see the images of warriors from the time of Alexandr Nevsky and costumes of Cossacks. And at the end they will witness the Russian style wedding. More than 300 costumes were suited for the performance.

The show lasts 1.5 hours during which the artists will tell a story about the girl who accidentally rings a bell of an old belfry. She sees the bell during her visit to the Gallery and its ring magically brings her to the world of pictures and journey around Russia. During the journey that lasts one year, she visits the main Russian festivals and gets sight of old Rus. At the same time the viewers witness a trouble love story when young girl and young man accidentally meet each other and true serious feelings arise between them. The viewers see how their relationships are developing, how they are separated by war and happy return of the groom back home. The show’s apotheosis will be the celebration of Easter and wedding of a young couple.

All guests are invited also to participate in Russian lunch that will take place in Patriarch’s chambers that are able to receive 1500 guests. Five halls or chambers are decorated differently but all in Russian style. So before every show visitors will be able to test Russian national dishes and get in touch with the unforgettable Russian spirit.

Please contact us if you would like to visit TRINITY show. We will provide you with all necessary information.