Favourite Sightseeing Place: Kremlin

Likes: Travelling, Russian history and art, painting, meeting new people and learning from different cultures


I was born in a town in the region next to Moscow in the former Soviet Union. I still have a passion, and sometimes, nostalgia for my Soviet past, as I was happy having sunny and funny carefree childhood. I still like watching old Soviet movies and listening to Soviet songs. After finishing school, I entered the Moscow University to study English and German languages and later started to work as a teacher of English.

I have always been interested in arts, painting and history, that is why, being a guide is a perfect job for me. I love to meet people of different nationalities; I enjoy telling and showing them beautiful corners of Moscow, sharing facts and peculiar stories about Russian history and culture.

My favourite sites in Moscow are Orthodox churches – they are so beautiful and look so different at the same time; they emanate positive energy to me and all other people.

Moscow is very diverse it its architecture – a mix of different styles – structures dating back to different centuries standing next to each other – and this makes Moscow unique in comparison to other Russian cities. Moscow has a lot of hidden gems and you will never get bored as the city offers different places of interest to suit every taste.

I like old, medieval Moscow downtown with its crooked narrow streets and small two-storeyed buildings. My favourite sightseeing place in Moscow is Kremlin – gorgeous, exceptional and noble – a unique museum of Russian history and political growth.