Favourite Sightseeing Place: All Moscow tourist attractions

Likes: Reading, Moscow history, arts, travelling and meeting new people


I have been living in Moscow for more than 20 years now. I am a true admirer of Moscow since my childhood. I have always adored Moscow, its history and beautiful places. During my childhood, my sister and I used to read articles related to Moscow and its history and view pictures in the Arts books published in Moscow. Our mother used to buy us special Art journals and we developed a passion for this subject.

I learned English language at my school and continued it at the University of Foreign Languages. During my third-year at the University, I attended the Guide’s Courses by the University and started working as a guide. After my graduation I continued working as a tour guide in Yalta and Sochi. Later I moved to Moscow and now it is been more than 20 years that I am living here.

Moscow is a city where a great number of famous, remarkable and outstanding people have lived and still live. The whole history of the Russian Federation is concentrated here. If you will ask me to describe Russians – I would say – Russians are open-hearted, friendly and hospitable.

As far as my favourite sightseeing in Moscow is concerned, I love all places and attractions in this capital city – the Kremlin with its Armory Chamber and Diamond Fund, Red Square, the famous Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. To feel and get in touch with the Moscow and to understand it better, it is a good idea to walk around Moscow streets and see its gorgeous structures from different centuries with unique architectural styles andobserve its unbelievably beautiful churches!

I have a great wish to share my love and knowledge about the city with you. Let’s plunge together into the atmosphere of the Old and Modern Moscow!