Day of Slavic Language and Culture – The Jovial Celebrations at Moscow

May, 2016

Since ages, May 24th is marked as the “Day of Slavic Language and Culture” for all Slavic countries that includes Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Czech Republic. Associated with the commemoration of Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius who were the creators of Slavic alphabet, this day is celebrated with immense joy and enthusiasm across all the Slavic countries. It is the day of festival that brings the remembrance of creation of the iconic Russian literature and the Slavic culture.

The Slavic language has a tremendous impact on the development of Russian literature and hence, the celebration on this auspicious day is solely marked to honor the saint brothers as the authors of the Slavic alphabet.

Celebrations in Different Slavic Countries

Bulgaria Celebrations

In Bulgaria it is commemorated on 24 May and is recognized as the “Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature Day”, which is an auspicious day for rejoicing the Bulgarian literature, alphabet, and culture. Hence, it is also celebrated as “Alphabet, Culture, and Education Day. Saints Methodius and Saint Cyril are members of the National Library of Bulgaria. Hence, the library has a monument in its front.

Macedonia Celebrations

In the Republic of Macedonia, this day is observed on 24th may as the Slavonic Enlighteners Day in the respect of Saints Cyril and Methodius. It is also known as the “Solun Brothers Day” among Macedonian people. The Macedonian government has endorsed May 24 as the status of the national holiday in October 2006 and the corresponding law has been passed by the parliament in the beginning of 2007. Earlier to this, this highly influential day is celebrated only in schools.

Czech Republic and Slovakia Celebrations

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, this literature and culture day celebration is commemorated on 9 March, but Pope Pius IX modified this date to 5th July due to various reasons. Currently, both saint brothers were honored there as national saints and 5th July is known as “Sts Cyril and Methodius Day”, which is a national holiday in both Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the Czech Republic it is commemorated as “Slavic Missionaries Cyril and Methodius Day” while it is observed as “St. Cyril and Metod Day” in Slovakia.

Russia Celebrations

In Russia, it is commemorated on 24 May and is identified as the “Slavonic Language and Culture Day”, rejoicing the creation of Slavonic alphabet, culture and literature. The religious festivity of this day is celebrated on 11th May according to Church’s Julian calendar, but it is not considered as a holiday on this day.

Day of Slavic Language and Culture 2016 in Russia

Continuing the legacy of this auspicious day celebration, the capital city of Russia, Moscow, has hosted the Day of Slavic Language and Culture celebrations at its most popular and busiest Red Square. Adhering with the traditions, the commemoration started with the auspicious liturgy headed by the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church – Cyril at Christ the Savior Cathedral around 10:00am.

Almost everyone including the representatives from the literati, clergy, writers, and school children participated in this biggest cultural and literature celebrations. The most important events organized on this day includes the film shows, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, literary soirees and all these events are dedicated towards the custom of Slavonic culture and its rich history. Besides, various famous artists and choir also performed at the stage made at the popular Red Square of Moscow city that included religious, academic, and children’s groups.

The united Children’s choir performed on the Red Square the works by Soviet and Russian composers. It consisted of more 2000 participants. Famous Russian musicians Dmitry Pevtsov and Tamara Gverdzitely performed the Old Maple Tree, which a popular Russian song sung from Soviet times. Besides the colorful concerts, a book fair named as “festival of book” was also organized in which different publishing houses from Moscow, Pskov, and St. Petersburg participated to honor the important of Slavic alphabet creation on this propitious day.

Although the Day of Slavic Language and Culture is celebrated since 1863, but during soviet times it was unjustifiably forgotten, but now this day is again celebrated as a national holiday in most of the Slovakian countries with utmost joy and enthusiasm.

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