Private Arbat Tour:
Discover one of the oldest Moscow streets
● Top 10 Moscow Attraction
● Street Musicians and Souvenir Shops
DURATION: 2 hours, daily from 9am to 21pm
Professional Licensed Guide
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Restaurant Prague is a legendary restaurant. It was famous for its cuisine among the Russian nobility of the 19th century. A lot of world-famous people visited it at that time: Leo Tolstoy held here public readings of his romans; Anton Chekhov celebrated here the first night of his world known play the “Orchid Garden”; a painter Ilya Repin made here a festive dinner celebrating the reconstruction of his masterful painting “Tsar Ivan and His Son Ivan”. Learn a curious story, how the keeper of the restaurant merchant Tararykin got it into his ownership?


During the warm period different kinds of street musicians and artists perform at the Arbat Street for people passing by. Just enjoy their performance at the center of Moscow!


A rare example of a wooden city house made in a Russian style stays in the center of a metropolis. Learn who lived in this house in the 19th century?


The fountain with a gilded statue of Princess Turandot stays near Vakhtangovs’ Drama Theater in the center of the Arbat Street. Find out why Princess Turandot became the visiting card of the Theater?


There are only few places in Moscow where it is possible to see graffito paintings. One of them is situated in a side streets connected to Arbat. Discover why the government allowed a graffito wall in the center of the city?


A unique example of Constructivism style is situated in one of the side streets near Arbat. The architect Melnikov created this house in the first half of the 20th century. The Soviet government gave him a piece of land – 720 m2 to embody his project. He lived there together with his family. This was an outstanding fact for those times – to have a separate city house for living. At that period most of the population lived in communal flats, lucky minority had separate apartments. Find out, why this house attracts the architects from all over the world?


During the Tour you will have time to visit one of the numerous souvenir shops at your choice. A variety of things are suggested there: Matryoshka dolls, jewelry out of jasper, fine wool scarfs with Russian ornaments, wooden music boxes in a form of the Saint Basil Cathedral and a good deal of other peculiar stuff.


The monument to a genius Russian poet Pushkin and his wife Natalie Goncharova was placed on Arbat Street several years ago. He met her as she was 16 at one of the balls and fell in love with her right off the bat. She was one of the most beautiful women of her time and had a lot of admirers. Among them was even Emperor Nicklas I, but Pushkin managed to win her heart. He called her “my Madonna” and devoted to her a lot of poems. In the city cottage opposite to the monument they spent their Honeymoon. They were together 5 happy years and born 4 children. Learn the end of their love story and discover why it was so short?



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is situated in one of the seven famous Moscow skyscrapers which were built by the order of Stalin. Its height is 172 meters. Discover why this only skyscraper does not have a star on its spire?


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