Private Driving Tour:
● Main Moscow Must-See Places
● Daily from 9am – 7pm
DURATION: 3 hours
Professional Licenced Guide
Hotel Pick-Up and Drop-Off
Car or Mini-Van
11000 RUB
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Our guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel and bring to the starting point of the tour.


The best starting point of the Express Driving Tour is Patriarch’s Bridge – a pedestrian bridge and the wonderful viewpoint. We love to visit the Patriarch’s Bridge together with our guests as it is one of the most beautiful places in Moscow! From the Bridge you will have a royal view of the Kremlin – the political and historical center of Russia, Moskva River – the main river of the city, House on the Embankment – where the elite people of the Communist Party were earlier living, the Monument to Peter the Great – a work of a modern sculptor Tsereteli and Christ the Savior Cathedral – the main Orthodox Cathedral of Russia. Learn a peculiar story about the Monument to Peter the Great – which historical person it originally depicted?


Christ the Savior Cathedral is the main and most celebrated Cathedral of Russia. This is the perfect example of what a new Russian Orthodox Church ought to look like. This newly restored Cathedral came into being in 2000 and is a close replica of the original 19th century Cathedral built in honour of the victory over Napoleon. Discover what did the Soviet government plan to construct at this place instead of the Cathedral and how their plans were fulfilled?


New Maiden Convent was founded to celebrate the Moscow’s conquest of Smolensk from Lithuania. Its first structure – Smolensky Cathedral with majestic four-onion globes – dates back to the 1524. Irina Godunova – the sister of Boris Godunov – used to live here as a nun during the last years of her life at the end of the 16th century. Peter the Great imprisoned his elder sister Sophia here as a punishment for her rebellion against him. Today, it is a magnificent and peaceful cloister where 40 nuns live. Take a stroll and pictures around the picturesque pond beyond the walls of New Maiden Convent!


Situated on the south-west of Moscow in one of the Stalin’s Seven Sisters skyscrapers, Moscow State University (MGU) is the largest University of Russia and is also called the Center of National Science. It has 40 departments and 36,000 students study there,who are taught by 4,000 professors. The central part of the building is occupied by several University departments, and dorm rooms and official housing units for professors are situated in its side parts. Take a tour of its massive main building, discover the striking features of Stalinist architecture of the University and know more about this Russian academic and cultural center. Find out who founded the University in 1755?


Our next stop will be at the Observation Platform in Sparrow Hills. Here you will get a panoramic view of the Moscow city and idea about the length and breadth of the capital. Get an excellent view from the Observation Platformof all main Moscow buildingsthat make the architectural style of the city so unique: from modern skyscrapers of Moscow-City from the 21st century, buildings form the Soviet era and churches and convents from the middle centuries. In fine weather condition or sunny days, it is possible to see the domes and cupolas of the Kremlin, which lies just 12 km far from here, as well as the huge cupola of Christ the Savior Cathedral. Discover, what other structures can be watched from the Observation Platform in Sparrow Hills?


Experience this palatial Hotel Ukraine in Moscow adorning the picturesque Western bank of the Moscow River. Its central part is occupied by a hotel and there are private apartments in its side parts. When the Hotel was opened, it was the largest hotel in Europe with the inventory of 497 rooms. In 2007, hotel Ukraine was restored by new owners and they carried out a grand-scale historical restoration, turning the four-star hotel Ukraine into the five-star hotel Radisson Royal. Now, the Hotel mixes original architecture with the modern technology and its rooms feature stylish décor and classic style furniture. Discover the hidden gems of the Hotel together with our guide!


White House is the official home to the House of Government of the Russian Federation. This building is known as a “White House” probably because of its color – the structure is completely white. It was built in 1979 as a House of Soviets. Today, the Government of the Russian Federation has its headquarters located at the White House. The building got a world-wide popularity in connection with the political events of 1991 and 1993. Discover what happened during these years with the building?


Hotel Drop-Off

After the Tour, our guide and driver will bring you back to your hotel or to any other place you would like to go in the central area of Moscow.


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