Private Night Tour:
● Moscow Attractions under Evening Light
● Daily from 7pm – 11pm
DURATION: 3 hours
Professional Licensed Guide
Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off
Car or Mini-Van
11900 RUB
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Our guide and personal driver will pick you up from the hotel and bring you to the starting point of the tour on a comfortable car or mini-van.


Patriarch’s Bridge is the best starting point for a night tour. Watch the city’s transformation under the darkness from Patriarch’s Bridge. It stretches over the Moskva River and provides royal views of the city from its both sides. Walk on Patriarch’s Bridge and have a fantastic view of the Kremlin, Christ the Savior Cathedral and Peter the Great Monument – a work of a modern sculptor ZurabTsereteli. Do you know which historical person this monument originally depicted?


Christ the Savior Cathedral was built to commemorate the victory over Napoleon in 1812. The Cathedral was destroyed by the Communist Party after they had come to power in 1917. The present structure is a replica of the original Cathedral that was built here earlier. Today, it is the largest Orthodox Cathedral in the country. Discover, what did Communists plan to construct here instead of the Cathedral?


New Maiden Convent looks beautiful in the day light but stunning at night time. Our guide will bring you to the best point to better admire its view and take couple of pictures. The history of the Convent started in 1524 when Russian Great Prince Vasily the III built here Smolensk Cathedral. Later on other structures were raised around the Cathedral within the next hundred years. Women of noble origin became nuns in this beautiful cloister. Discover why the elder sister of Peter the Great was living as a prisoner in one of the towers of the Convent?


The evening view of Moscow State University will amaze you with its grandiosity and mightiness. The Educational Center of Russia, the largest establishment of higher education of the country and the oldest at the same time – Moscow State University covers a huge territory around its main building situated in one of the Stalin’s skyscrapers. Discover who was the founder of the University?


To get the best view of the city, head to one of the highest points in Moscow! From the Observation Platform on Sparrow Hills, you will catch a night panoramic view of Moscow including amazing Luzhniki Olympic Complex, shining Stalin’s Seven Sisters skyscrapers and glistering domes of the Kremlin and Christ the Savior Cathedral. Discover how many Stalin’s skyscrapers can be observed from the Platform?


Standing on the turn of Moscow River is the Hotel Ukraine. The hotel is illuminated in a brilliant way that focuses on its decorative elements, providing you a glorious view of the building. The Hotel Ukraine was the largest hotel in Europe during the Soviet Union era. Recently, it had undergone a large scale historical restoration and was re-opened in 2010 under a new name – Radisson Royal. Discover what is situated on the side wings of the building?


White House is the primary office of the House of Government of the Russian Federation. Its structure shines under the night lights and its roof is topped with the flag of Russia. Discover what happened to the White House during the political events in 1991 and 1993?


After visiting the south-western part of Moscow, we will return to the central area of the city to observe the most exciting attractions! Enjoy the gleaming appearance of Bolshoi Theatre – the main opera and ballet theatre of Russia and Theatre Square lying nearby – with all its lightened fountains and alleys. Discover the number of columns the theatre entrance have and the statue located at the top of them?



Manezhnaya Square lies near the Red Square and has a gorgeous look with all its cupolas lightened from the inside and illuminated alleys. You will love to walk around Manezhnaya Square as it is, in fact, the roof of an underground shopping center! Can you imagine that? All the cupolas you will see are a part of this roof. Discover what role does the main Cupola of the Square play?



From Manezhnaya Square, walk directly to Alexandrovsky Garden, which is located near one of the Kremlin Walls. It looks wonderful at night with its illuminated fountains and alleys. Enjoy walking along the Garden and observe the historical objects including Monument Stella to Romanov dynasty, historical memorial Grot and the Eternal Fire.



Solemn and austere in daylight, State Historical Museum looks festive and stunning in the glow of evening lights. Made in a new Russian style with all its amazing decorative elements and small towers, the Museum resembles a fabulous castle. Discover, when did the Museum was founded?



Red Square is rightly deserved to be the drawing card of the Moscow Night Tour. Surrounded by historical buildings – each lightened in a different way, Red Square has once-in-a-life-time view in the evening time. Just walk across the Red Square where so much of Russian history unfolded and enjoy the gorgeous views. Do you know why the Red Square was called Red?



The night view of the Saint Basil Cathedral will remind you of Christmas! At night, the Cathedral resembles a gingerbread house that has been baked in Christmas in European countries for centuries. It is one of the most beautiful churches in Russia, with unique architecture and design that have not been repeated yet anywhere in the world. Do you know the main secret of the Saint Basil’s architecture?



Dramatically lit with twinkling lights, the GUM Department Store looks like a fabulous palace at night. Stone decorations, small towers on the roof and arched windows tell us that GUM was built in a New Russian style which was quite popular in Russia at the end of the 19th century when GUM Department Store was constructed. Today, it is one of the main city attractions and perhaps the most beautiful shopping centers in the country. Do you know how the Store was used during Stalin’s regime?


Hotel Drop-Off

After the end of the Night Tour, our guide and driver will bring you back to the hotel or any other place in the central area of Moscow you would like to go.

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