Private Tour by Boat:
● Moscow Must-See Places from River Perspective
● Comfortable and Relaxing
 ● Restaurant on Board
DURATION: 3,5 hours, daily from 12am – 11pm
Professional Licensed Guide
Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off
Transportation: subway or taxi
10900 RUB
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The Restaurant’s menu offers dishes from European and Russian cuisines: Greek salad and Caprese, cream-soups from pumpkin, broccoli or mushrooms, borsch (Russian beet-root soup), Ukha (Russian fish chowder), shashlik (meat kebabs from chicken), beef of salmon, lasagna with bolognese ragout, salmon fillet with broccoli cream, pelmeni (Russian art dumpling) with veal meat or white salmon. Average lunch cost will be 1500–2000 RUB per person. You are free to book or not to book lunch as your presence at the Restaurant area is included into cruise cost. Lunch cost is not included into the tour price.


Hotel Ukraine is situated in one of the Seven Sisters – skyscrapers in Stalin’s empire style constructed by his order in the period from 1949 to 1957. The façade is decorated with the soviet symbolic – stars, hammer and sickle emblem, wheat spires in vases and majestic spire on the top of its central part. Recently, the Hotel Ukraine was turned into the five stars hotel Radisson Royal but has kept the historical interiors of the Ukraine hotel. Today, it is one of the best Business Hotels in Moscow. Discover, what is located in the side parts of the building?


Standing on the shore of Moscow-River, the White House is another example of the Soviet architecture. It has a symmetrical structure consisting of 3 parts with the height of 102 meters. Its outside walls are covered with white marble and the top of its central façade is decorated with a gilded emblem of Russia – the double-headed eagle. Today, the White House is an Official Working Residence of the Government of the Russian Federation headed by the Prime Minister Medvedev. Discover why the house was damaged during the political events in 1993?


Europe Square was built in 2002 as part of a mutual Russian-Belgian project. The center of the Square has 48 columns with the flags of the European countries and a large abstract sculpture “The rape of Europa” of a Belgian artist Olivier Strebelle. This composition is a sculpture and fountain, lightened with 1050 photodiode lamps. Kievsky Railway Station is located behind the European Square and is one of the nine Moscow Railway Stations. Its first building opened the doors to the passengers in 1899 and later the ensemble of the Station was rebuilt several times.


Opened in 1928, Central Gorky Park was the hallmark of Soviet prosperity and cultural activities, with its main entrance designed in a parade and exaggeratingly happy style, rides for children, exhibition halls, fountains and flower gardens. Visiting Gorky Park was a mandatory part of a tourist program of all guests of the capital. In 2011, it underwent a large-scale reconstruction, which turned it into an international level recreation area. The park is open all year round and you can visit it for free. Today, you will have no problem in finding an entertainment to suit your taste. The Park offers a bike rental and a seven-seater velo taxi service, 50 places for playing table tennis, tennis and badminton courts, a skating rink, boat stations with water bikes and catamaran rental on park’s ponds. For reading and relaxing while enjoying nature there are deck chairs and ottomans, and free Wi-Fi for Internet lovers. The Park is a favorite place of recreation for several generations of Muscovites from their childhood.


A few minutes of sailing will take you to the Central House of Artists that unites the Central Arts Exhibition Union and a branch of the Tretyakov Gallery where the masterpieces of the 20th century are exhibited. In the Central Arts Exhibition a variety of modern artists’ exhibitions and fine art fairs are held around the year. The House is surrounded by the Park of Arts Muzeon under the open air that exhibits sculptures from the Soviet times and of modern artists with recreation areas and playgrounds for children. Along the Moscow-River shore near the House is an open air fine art exhibition.


The Monument to Peter the Great was constructed in 1998 on the artificial island created at the place of division between Moscow-River and the Drainage Canal. The Monument has a unique engineering structure and is one of the highest monuments in Russia with the height of 98 meters. Only high quality bronze was used for its creation. The scroll Peter the Great holds in his right hand and Andrew’s crosses on flags are gilded. Zurab Tseretely – the author of the sculpture is known not only in Russia but his works can also be seen in different countries of the world including France, Spain, Japan and the USA. Discover why Peter the Great is dressed in a suit of Columbus?


Christ the Savior Cathedral is the main Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church. The current building is only 15 years old and was built at the place where the first Christ the Savior Cathedral stood at the end of the 19th century. The Cathedral is devoted to the Christ the Savior as it is believed He helped Russia to win the war against Napoleon 1812. The façade of the Cathedral is decorated with statues depicting different characters from the Old Testament. Walls inside are covered with marble plates with the description of the battles that took place during this war. The first Cathedral was blown up in 1931 by the order of the Communist Party. Discover what the Communist Party planned to build at this place?


The Kremlin is the most ancient part of the Russian capital. It is situated on Borovitsky Hill on the left-hand bank of Moscow-River. At the very beginning Kremlin walls were made out of wood, but in the 14th century they were replaced with white limestone walls by the order of Prince Dmitry Donskoy. A century later walls made out of red brick stones were built under the guidance of Italian architects. These red brick stone walls have been persevered till now. In the 17th century the towers of Kremlin were decorated with double-headed eagles, but later during the times of Stalin, they were replaced by ruby glass stars. When Josef Stalin was at power, Kremlin was closed for visitors as he used to work there. After his death, the Kremlin was partly opened for visitors. Today, Kremlin is the historical and political center of Russia and its historical part is opened for tourists and Muscovites.



Prior to the Russian Revolution of 1917, Moscow was famous for its beautiful churches and monasteries. The new atheistic regime destroyed or closed many of them; some were converted into museums. It was a miracle that St Basil Cathedral survived as there were plans to dismount it just like other churches and cathedrals. Today, it is perhaps the most popular Cathedral in Russia and all over the world. The Cathedral was erected in the middle of the 16th century by the order of the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible as a monument to the conquer of the Kazan Khanate and capturing of its capital. Its multi-colored onion domes and unique architecture are its peculiar features. Today, St Basil Cathedral is the most beautiful attraction of the Red Square.



Skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment is one of the Seven Sisters – the skyscrapers built by the order of Stalin in the Stalin’s empire style. Its façade is richly decorated with small decorative towers and spires, bas-reliefs, sculptures and ramparts. According to the tradition of that time, social facilities were all situated in the same building so its first floor is occupied by a post office, hair-dresser, food store and clothing store and a cinema. Its central part is 176 meters high with 26 floors and its apartment has 540 flats. From the very beginning, famous artists, writers and scientists were the residents of the house including Russian ballet dancer Galina Ulanova, popular soviet singer Lyudmila Zykina, poets Alexandr Tvardovsky and Evgeniy Evtushenko and others.



If you do not want to go back by Subway we can also book you a taxi. The cost of the taxi ride depends on the number of people and type of the car. Tariffs of the taxi company will be provided to you by your request. We do not add any extra costs to their tariffs. In case you book a taxi you pay to the taxi driver cash according to the tariffs. Our guide will accompany you and help to deal with a taxi driver.

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