Tour to St Sergius Lavra:
● Sergiev Posad – a Golden Ring City
● Visit to St Sergius Lavra – Spiritual Center of Russia
DURATION: 6-7 hours, daily from 8am – 7pm
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Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra is often nicknamed as “Russian Vatican” as it is the spiritual center of the Russian Orthodox Christianity and the most important monastery in Russia. Thousands of pilgrims from all over the world come to visit the relics of Saint Sergius, who founded the monastery here, in 1337. During your tour in and around Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra, get in touch with the spirit of this place, visit the relics of Saint Sergius, see wonderful colorful churches and ecclesiastic buildings from different centuries, admire the medieval icons and drink water from the holy spring.



The Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra was founded by Sergius of Radonezh who came to this place to lead a life of an ascetic monk in the forests outside Moscow during the early 14th century. At that time, he built a small wooden church, dedicated to the Life giving Trinity. Many people were inspired by his lifestyle and they joined him to build the future monastery. Later on, people started to recognize him as a spiritual leader of Russia, reformer of monarchism, a political figure and the patron saint of Russia. The small church that he built in the 14th century turned into one of the holiest places in Russia – the stunning Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra. Find out what did Virgin Mary promise to Saint Sergius?



The most striking church on the grounds of Saint Sergius Lavra is the Cathedral of the Assumption, with its dazzling blue, star-spangled domes. The Assumption Cathedral was built in 1585– a century after the construction of the Assumption Cathedral in the Kremlin. The shape and design of this Cathedral is similar to that of the Assumption Cathedral in the Kremlin. The Cathedral in St.Sergius Lavra was made 1 meter larger than its archetype. Find out who ordered to raise this Cathedral in the Convent?



Holy Trinity Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in Lavra. It stays at same the place where the first wooden church was built by Saint Sergius. It is also the burial place of the Saint Sergius. Today, a regular prayer is offered in the Cathedral all day round near his relics. People come to pray near his grave and bow to his relics. Some of our tourists have come back to St.Sergius Lavra to express their gratitude to God and Saint Sergius for the fulfillment of their prayers. Discover what did Saint Sergius predicted to the Russian Prince Dmitry Donskoi before the great battle against Mongolians in 1380?



Andrey Rublev is a celebrated Russian icon painter who lived during the 15th and 16th centuries. His world famous masterpiece – Holy Trinity icon – was dedicated to the Holy Trinity Cathedral in St.Sergius Lavra. Earlier the Icon was kept at the Trinity Cathedral in the first – “local” – row of the iconostasis. Today, the Holy Trinity icon is a national treasure and is housed in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. However, inside the Trinity Cathedral, you can see several icons painted by Andrei Rublev. Find these icons in the 2d and 3d rows of the iconostasis.



The Bell Tower is the tallest building in St.Sergius Lavra (about 87 meters high). It is richly embellished with moldings, arches, cornices, columns and other decorative elements. It has the largest Bell of the country hanging on one of its sections. The Bell weighs 72 tons and 20 strong men are needed to move its tongue with a weight of 2 tons. The voice of this Bell can be heard only during main Christian Festivals or when the Patriarch – head of the Russian Church – visits the Monastery. Discover why the Bell Tower has a Crown on its top?



Holy Spring was discovered when one of the monks who were blind washed his eyes with the spring water and his eyesight returned due to the healing power of the water. Since that time, millions of people have been coming here to drink the Holy Water hoping to recover from their illnesses.



Built at the end of the 17th century, the Refectory and Sergius of Radonezh Church are a fine example of Moscow baroque style. The structure is 85 meters long and has a huge 500 square meters dining hall situated at its second floor. The hall was earlier used for festive dinners devoted to the Tsars’ visits. During the Soviet Union era, there inside was a Red Army Military Academy. Discover how the Church and Refectory are used today?



After a long tour in and around Saint Sergius Lavra, you will take a lunch break. There are a plenty of good and reasonable restaurants near Saint Sergius Lavra. Taste traditional Russian dishes at a nearby restaurant including Borsch – a famous Russian beet root soup, pelmeni or vareniki – Russian art of ravioli, pan cakes and a variety of pies, red caviar and other unique dishes found only in Russian cuisine. The average price of the lunch is from 700 to 1500 RBL per person. We will take care for the booking of the table for you. Just order dishes of your choice from the menu and pay cash at the restaurant.



After the arrival in Moscow, our guide will bring you back to your hotel via Subway. (Cost of the subway tickets is included.

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