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Revolutionary Square station is situated in the very center of Moscow and is perhaps the most remarkable among the others. Opened in 1938, the station is decorated with 76 bronze statues that depict people from the Soviet Union – engineer, a student, a miner, marine soldier and others. Some statues are shining more than the others because people rub them as they believe that it brings them luck. Discover, which statue will bring you the most luck?


Opened in 1953, Kievskaya subway station was the last one to be constructed at the circle line. It was named after the Kievsky Railway Station situated nearby. Decorative design of the station is devoted to one topic – friendship between Russian and Ukrainian nations. On the blind corner of the station you can see a mosaic portray of Vladimir Lenin, who was the first leader of the Communist Party. Under the portray there is a marble plate showing the engraving the extract from his speech: “Eternal friendship between Russian and Ukrainian nations is the foundation for national independence and freedom, development of national culture and welfare of the Ukraine along with other nations of the Soviet Union”. Find out, what is the main purpose of the decorative grills of the station?


Kurskaya subway station was opened in 1950 and named after the Kursky Railway Station situated nearby. Its design resembles an ancient Rome hall in Basilican style – with fluted semi-columns covered with marble and sun-like chandeliers. Its floor is made out of red and grey granite with the ornamentation of geometrical figures. Its central arch foundations are decorated with thin metal border lying along its whole length. Discover, what is the time interval between subway trains coming to this metro station?


Opened in January 1952, Novoslobodskaya is one of the most famous stations of the Subway system for its unique stained glass decoration. This station was named after the area situated nearby above and can be translated as “New Settlement.” Earlier in the past at this suburban district, a new settlement was founded. The pylons of the station have stained-glass windows as decoration, all illuminated from the inside and bordered with steel and gilded brass. Discover, what image is depicted in the center of the mosaic composition “Peace in the World,” situated in station’s blind corner?



Komsomolskaya subway station is situated near three Moscow Railway Stations – Yaroslavsky, Leningradsky and Kazansky – that is why, its platform was made wider and longer in order to hold running flow of passengers. The ceiling of the station is decorated with eight large mosaic panels made out of semi-precious stones and gilded smalt. All panels are united with one topic – “Fight of Russian Nation for Freedom and Independence.” In 1958 Konsomolskaya station was awarded with a Grand Price in the World Expo in Brussels and declared to be one of the most beautiful stations in the world. At one of the mosaic panels there is an image of one Russian General in Chief who lived in the 19th century and did not lose even one battle. Discover, what is his name?

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