Joshua Bell Plays Sen Sans in Moscow at Red Square

Red Square is the heart and soul of Moscow. The rich historical legacy of this Main Square attracts millions of visitors every year to the capital city. Today, the place is used for celebrating religious festivals, public gatherings, Government announcements, Tsars’ addresses, and even for hosting high-profile concerts. More recently, the Square hosted a concert by Joshua Bell, the most celebrated violinists of his era.


In this video, you can see Grammy Award-winning violinist, Bell to play Sen Sans along with his musical group. Each concert performance of Bell is considered as the greatest concerts in the world because every time hundreds of concert-goers flock to his shows to see him perform live from his repertoire. So, if you’ve not been to Moscow yet, add this beautiful city to your travel destination list. You will get endless options to engage and entertain yourself here. Our local tour guides in Moscow City know the capital better than anyone, from top restaurants to live concerts going to be held soon. Get to know more about the city and concerts worth attending from your private travel guide. At Moscow City Tour, we have a great wish to share our love and knowledge about our beloved city with you!

January 2016: Americans trying to speak Russian

Moscow thrills visitors with its history, majesty and beautiful artistry. You cannot see this amazing city from a tour bus. To have an authentic experience during your visit to Moscow, you need your personal tour guide. A travel guide, who is knowledgeable, charismatic and has outstanding presentation skills, can help visitors discover the most of the Moscow city through their own eyes. Guide is responsible for teaching tourists about the culture and language of the city. In this video, you can see how Americans are trying to speak Russian words with the help of Russian natives.


At Moscow City Tour, we believe that a traveler’s first impression about Moscow is through a travel guide. It’s our responsibility to make the trip of our guests in Moscow informative as well as interesting. That’s why we provide you option to hire personal tour guide in Moscow with good knowledge of your native language. We have English-speaking tour guides for our guests coming from English-speaking countries. Come and join us! We will be happy to show our cherished city and help you learn Russian language as well!