December 2015: Hulk Actor Mark Raffalo enjoyed Moscow tour with our guide Sveta

Some people feel the inexplicable pull of attraction to Moscow because of its startling magnificence, and celebrities are no exception. This majestic city is often visited by numerous celebrities from all corners of the world. Moscow is among the most preferred destination for Western actors who are culture lovers. Recently, Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo paid a visit to Moscow for a presentation of “Avengers”.


Ruffalo was accompanied by Sveta as his personal tourist guide in Moscow, who helped him uncover the secrets of Moscow. Being a true lover of Russian culture, she loves to communicate with her guests about the history of Moscow sights and attractions. In these photos, you can see Sveta and Ruffalo strolling through the Red Square and enjoying the great views of this place. Come and explore the beauty and artistry of Moscow with our expert private guides. We love to show our guests about the uniqueness of our prized city!